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World's first contact center powered by blockchain


Qubicles is the Contact Center of the Future 

Qubicles is a blockchain-powered marketplace for connecting contact centers with qualified and talented customer service, sales, and support representatives. It utilizes cryptocurrency to incentivize agents for a job well done, and current or prospective customers for participating in the customer journey.

Performance Captured on the Telos Blockchain

Blockchain is immutable. That means, once recorded it cannot be changed. Qubicles utilizes the blockchain to store past performance of agents to help contact centers find the best performers for their various campaigns.

Turning Agent Idle Time into a Revenue Center

An Aberdeen report found that agents spent 25% of their time in idle! As a result, established contact centers are losing revenue by the thousands. Qubicles helps them turn this cost center into a revenue center.

Cryptocurrency Incentives for Top Performers

Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and it's helping transform industries. That's why we've created our own Qubicle token on the Telos blockchain to automatically reward agents for exceeding their goals, and customers for being engaged.

Thoughts From Our CEO

We pioneered the no software licensing, usage-only model in our industry when we started our Fenero cloud contact center platform 6 years ago. 4 years later, competitors are following suit (hello, Amazon!)...

Today, we're the first contact center company to utilize blockchain and cryptocurrency to build a meritocracy-based marketplace to connect qualified agents with work and contact centers with great talent."

— Marlon Williams, CEO of Qubicles

Marlon, CEO

Brought to you by the creators of fenero, an award-winning contact center software company, 4 years in a row

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